Cozy Dinners at Sitio

candles with fresh apples placed on table

by Sigrid Salucop

With just the calming sound of the waves crashing on Currimao’s shores and the tantalizing menu offered by the heritage village’s kitchen, dinners at Sitio Remedios always have room for banter and meaningful conversations.

Sitio is known for its tranquility and the many stories attached to its history. Its old houses lend an old-world charm to travelers who want to experience distinctively Ilocano surroundings.

Sitio Remedios is reminiscent of the province’s rich heritage. It also tells the story of Remedios Racpan Cuanang, the Ilocana that the village is named after.

Warm yellow lights greet guests as soon as they enter the dining hall, and if they opt for traditional Ilocano cuisine, the smell of pinakbet (mixed vegetables cooked in tomatoes and fish paste) will be wafting from Sitio’s small kitchen.

During the often sweltering Ilocano summer nights, when no clouds are in sight, guests can ask the staff to set up tables right in the middle of Plaza Manzanilla. Dining under the moonlight does not only spell romance but inspires those who booked a room to think of happier pursuits. Dinners at Sitio are always memorable and the quaintness of it all often leaves a beautiful mark on those who have experienced it.

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