Of the many events that Sitio Remedios hosts year-round, weddings are our favorite. They are the ultimate symbol of love and commitment – two important values that helped build the heritage village to what it is today.

Our wish for Sitio Remedios’ brides and grooms is for that love and commitment to endure the passage of time. And much like our old structures, may you be witness to many happy memories and have the strength to stand proud even during the strongest of storms.

We love celebrating love and we want you and your loved ones to remember your wedding day for years to come – not only for the beautiful photos and memories but for its symbolism and for what it stands for.

Featured in the photos are Domingo Cuanang, MD and his lovely bride Janine Uy-Cuanang, MD.

roasted chicken with vegetables in glass roaster on table with fir sprigs


Although Sitio Remedios’ expertise is Filipino and Ilocano cuisine, it can adjust to every couples’ menu requirements. The heritage village also has a chef and restaurant network to accommodate your menu needs.


The heritage village is the second home of local wine brand Basi Maria and its sister brands. Basi Maria is made from sugarcane and cabernet sauvignon grapes.
Other wines are also available.

four white tealight candles on brass colored candlesticks


Class, elegance, and subdued luxury are what Sitio weddings are all about and we can deliver these thanks to our hardworking and creative in-house designers and wedding planners.

happy newlywed asian couple embracing in nature


Sitio Remedios has vintage cars for hire for any budget. And if you are looking for something truly special, that can be arranged by our butler.


Plaza Manzanilla Reception

Use of Plaza Manzanilla (4pm-9pm) for 300 guests Courtesy wedding night accommodation (Balay Piddig) Check-in at 9am for the bride’s preparation Guests of the couple who would like to book balays get 10% discount


Centro Iloco Gardens Reception

Use of Centro Iloco Gardens (4pm-9pm) for 100 guests Courtesy wedding night accommodation (Balay Piddig) Check-in at 9am for the bride’s preparation Guests of the couple who would like to book balays get 10% discount


Lawn Garden Reception

Use of Lawn Garden (4pm-9pm) for 25 guests Courtesy day-stay check-in for the bride’s preparation (9am) Guests of the couple who would like to book balays get 10% discount


When planning your special event, it’s essential to be aware of all the necessary information regarding charges and guidelines. Reception Packages and Charges: Please be advised that additional charges may apply to the reception packages and other packages offered in this section. It is recommended to consult with our event specialists to obtain a detailed breakdown of any extra costs that may be incurred. Overtime Charges: Please note that in the event your celebration extends beyond the designated time slot, a fee of P2,500 per hour will be applied for each hour after 9pm. We kindly ask for your cooperation in adhering to the agreed-upon schedule, as this will help us maintain a seamless flow of all events booked at our property. Additional Guests and Accommodation: For any additional guests staying at the courtesy accommodation, if such applies, a charge of P1,500 per person will be required. We appreciate your understanding, as this fee helps cover the costs associated with their stay and ensures their comfort during the event. Separate Balay Preparation Area: If you wish to have a separate balay as a preparation area for the groom and his groomsmen, please be advised that this service is not free of charge. Kindly contact our team for more details on the associated costs and availability of this option. Meals for Service Providers: To maintain the highest level of service, we kindly request that outside meals for service providers during ground preparations are not allowed. Service providers can purchase food from our restaurant Kusina ni Lam-Ang. Venue Arrangements: Use of additional resort locations may incur separate charges. To explore the available options and choose the perfect setting for your celebration, kindly discuss this with our team. Property Loss or Damage: In the unfortunate event of any loss or damage caused by the guests or their attendees, the associated costs will be charged to the couple. We kindly request your cooperation in treating the property with care and respect. Mobile Bar Corkage Fee: If you wish to have a mobile bar service at your event, please be aware that a corkage fee of P3,500 will be applied. This fee covers the use of the resort’s facilities. Should you require additional information or have different requirements, feel free to reach out to our team for personalized assistance. We hope the above guidelines will assist you in planning your event effectively. Our dedicated team is ready to provide further details and answer any questions you may have. Wishing you an incredible celebration filled with joy!