No More Room At The Inn

Decades ago, during the holidays, a priest came knocking at the wooden gates of Sitio Remedios. It was already dusk and the north wind was giving Ilocos Norte a proper licking. Christmas was in the air and that evening, there was no more room at the inn. Well, in this case, there was no more room at the boutique hotel by the sea.

The guard opened the gate and less than a minute later, one of Sitio’s employees ran to Dr. Joven Cuanang. He tells the good doctor that there is a priest at the gate. The neurologist wasn’t expecting any of his friends from the clergy but when he went to the gate, he saw his friend Brother Armin.

Dr. Cuanang explained that all the balays were occupied and the only space left was one family room. At the time, the family rooms only had double decker beds. They were so simple that many called them “the dorm”.

Brother Armin, the humble man that he is, said he will take the room. He said, he is used to rooms like that because he lived at the seminary for most of his adult life.

By 2010, Brother Armin was appointed Secretary of Education. His work was difficult but he always had Sitio Remedios whenever he needed rest.

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