Sitio Remedios announced on 22 September 2023, Friday, that it will be sponsoring the graduation venue of the Search and Rescue Auxiliary Training program conducted by the Philippine Air Force TOG 1 in cooperation with 505th SAR, Philippine Air Force.

The trainees from the Local Government Units of Banna and Burgos, their respective police and fire protection units, some members of the 4th Marine Brigade, and other personnel from the Air Force will be graduating on 29 September after a rigorous 16-day training.

Arranged and conducted by the Philippine Air Force, the program is the first of its kind in the province and in the country and its culmination will be celebrated with a one-mile swim. The Philippine Air Force verified that trainees will be dropped from an air asset down to the waters of Currimao. From there, the trainees will swim to shore.

Dr. Joven Cuanang of Sitio Remedios and Pinto Art Museum has always been supportive of important government initiatives especially those that save lives.

“In these times where climate change has caused more frequent calamities , trained personnel will be crucial in ensuring the safety of our townsfolk. I am hoping that all towns of Ilocos Norte and the country at large will ensure that this training program will be conducted. If such is done, public safety will be assured,” Dr. Cuanang expressed during a short interview.

The neurologist and art connoisseur is known for his environmental advocacies and his programs for the Ilocano community. He also extended his congratulations to Col. John Paul Trajano of the Philippine Air Force TOG 1 who spearheaded the program, Col. Jose Johnson T. Grayda, the Deputy Tactical Operation Wing North Luzon Commander, and Ralph Atienza-Mckenzie, the liaison of the military sector in Ilocos Norte.

Sitio Remedios is just among the sponsors for the graduation ceremony and the training program itself. Other sponsors include the Office of the Congressman of the Second District headed by Hon. Angelo Marcos Barba, Northwestern University, the City Government of Laoag, and the Municipality of Vintar.

“Sitio Remedios is very happy to be a part of this because this is extremely beneficial to the Ilocano community. The personnel of both Banna and Burgos will now know what to do in any search and rescue-related eventuality,” Sigrid Salucop, Sitio Remedios’ Director of Marketing said in an email.

“Sitio Remedios would like to congratulate Hon. Mary Chrislyn Abadilla, MD of the Municipality of Banna and Hon. Crescente Garcia of the Municipality of Burgos for sending their personnel to participate in this program. We are also very thankful to the Air Force for their foresight,” she added.

It is noted by the Air Force that the same training program will be conducted in the coming months to make room for other Local Government Units in the Province of Ilocos Norte.

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